About Us

Why We Are Better

At By The Numbers, students are our focus.

We provide a fun, relaxed environment where students can feel comfortable while focusing on learning.

We assess each student based on a customized matrix that is associated with the Alabama State grade-level standards. Regardless of the school your student attends, adhering to these standards ensures he or she will attain their learning goals.

Though learning math requires significant time putting pencil to paper, we work to understand how each student learns best, and provide non-worksheet based learning support through the use of manipulatives, drawing, games, and other tools to maximize your students learning potential.

Students are matched with a tutor based on availability and educational specializations. During learning sessions, homework assistance is our first priority due to the direct impact it has on student performance. Our tutors proactively assess student exam schedules to ensure they are prepared for any upcoming tests.

Aside from test preparation and homework assistance, our tutors work to develop a customized learning plan for each student, based on their assessment results and educational needs. Our learning plans are designed to help students attain appropriate performance relative to their grade level. We can then further develop the learning plan to help the student work to get ahead and meet desired stretch goals.

Our services are offered for purchase via a monthly subscription. Similar to data with a cellphone plan, you purchase time that can be used anytime during our learning center hours. You decide when and how often your student uses the time

Our Strengths

Homework Assistance
Test Preparation
Group Tutoring
ACT/SAT Preparation
Weekend STEM Camps