Language Arts/History

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World History/Geography Hybrid ($300)

In this hybrid class, we will be studying the emergence of nation-states and their interactions with each other over the last five hundred years. This ten week course will satisfy requirement for World History and Geography credits. We will look at important historical eras like the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Enlightenment, and we will also investigate key world events like both World Wars. All of these topics will be covered in a global context, paying careful attention to the unique details and influences of Asian, African, Latin American, and Soviet-influenced  nations. Additionally, we will consider the impact of physical and human geography in shaping cultural patterns around the world. We will investigate things like the development of language, migration patterns, settlement patterns, religion, food, art, architecture, and technology. We will conclude the course with an engaging look at contemporary world dynamics by investigating the rise of terrorism and civil wars over the last few decades.

Silver Screen History ($300, 3 student minimum)

This course provides a fun and stimulating opportunity to complete a history course by looking at popular movies about historical events. During each week of this ten week course, we will watch one film, discuss the background details, and then evaluate the successes and failures of the film in accurately representing the past. We will also investigate the ways creative decisions in each film influence our understandings about the past. Movies will include: The Patriot, Bravehart, Alexander, Troy, Gone with the Wind, Birth of a Nation, and more! Suggestions are also welcome!
***Age appropriate, edited versions of each film will be utilized. Additionally, parental discretion will be heeded regarding any content in any film.

Paper proofreading, editing, and feedback/suggestions:

$25: 1-3 pages 

$50: 4-10 pages

10+ pages- Please contact us to get individualize pricing.

Composition tutoring –  

These sessions will teach students how to write and write well. We’ll cover things like overall structure of the paper, research, notation, tools for writing good paragraphs, writing good intros and conclusions, etc. WE can also customize these sessions to meet your individual needs. Pricing is below.

Latin tutoring – 

This is tutoring for students already taking Latin classes. We’ll meet in a one-on-one setting to help you figure out your Latin homework. Pricing is below.

Pricing for above tutoring sessions –

1 hour – $50

5 hours – $240

10 hours – $460

20 hours – $880