Staff members

Jen Tubbs – Owner/High School Tutor

Jen Tubbs has been tutoring high school students for over 10 years. She completed 3 years of a Mathematics degree, then completed her Bachelor’s degree at Liberty University. When she’s not tutoring, she loves playing with her three year old daughter, spending time with her husband or snuggling with her Great Dane, Charlie

Casey Yoklic – Elementary Lead

Casey Yoklic, our Elementary Lead, has been working with children from ages 6 weeks – 18 years for over a decade as a classroom teacher, tutor, and substitute teacher. She has a Masters in Education and a Bachelors in Elementary Education. When she isn’t tutoring at By the Numbers Learning Center, she can be found on the dance floor. She shares her love of ballet and all things dance with her daughter by dancing at home and in studios. She also drags her husband to ballroom classes. Math and music do go hand in hand, after all.