Our Services

We provide a wide array of services for any student studying 7th grade math or above! Our services will fit any student and any budget!

Live, Online, One-on-One Tutoring

We believe that each student is unique. Our first sessions will just be getting to know the student and their best method of learning! Jen will begin to build the relationship with the student so that they feel comfortable with her and don’t feel intimidated by the class.

Jen works very closely with the parent and student to get a customized learning plan for each student. Are you behind and need to catch up? No problem! Are you bored with your current class and want to get back to loving math? No problem! Every session is customized to your student.

Every student enrolled in the live tutoring also get the below package of texting and email support.

For more information, please email Jen at jen@bythenumberslearning.com

Texting and Email Support

Do you have a student that just needs someone to be there for occasional questions? Look no further! Jen offers texting and email support as an a la carte option now!

Just text or email Jen your questions and she’ll get back to you within 24 hours….usually much quicker than that! Some responses will have worked out answers, so will have link to tutorial videos that should have the exact answer you’re looking for! You can also text Jen questions about “when will I ever use this?” (a question she gets ALL THE TIME). Don’t worry…whatever question you have in math, Jen has the answer!